Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Basic Ways I Clean My PC Quickly

If you happen to be a computer owner, you
might've probably wondered about how to clean
your own PC quickly once you've been using your
computer for quite some time. Most computer
owners will be wondering about the same thing
when their computers are beginning to go
through a little bit of a 'meltdown' in terms of its
performance after some period of time. The
'meltdown' that your computer is experiencing is
actually a 'slowdown' and it can be extremely
frustrating for any computer owners like you.
You will find processes getting a little slower,
thus it'll be crucial for you to spare some time
and learn the multiple techniques in cleaning
your computer.
When you learn the right way of cleaning your
troublesome computer, you will have your
computer functioning back to its normal speed
again (or even faster). The first thing that you
could do to clean your computer quickly is to
install an anti-virus program (plus, this is also the
most basic part in cleaning your PC quickly). The
anti-virus program is specially designed to
provide solid protection to your computer
against spyware, malware, worms, and viruses.
Since these 'attacks' will tremendously cause a
negative effect on your computer, you must
install a specific program that is compatible with
your system in order to prevent from any further
damages done by the attacks.
You should see some good changes once you've
gotten rid of the attacks, such as an improvement
in your computer performance and that your
computer is working on its usual normal speed
or even faster. Meanwhile, you could also clean
your PC quickly by defragmenting your system.
Defragmentation is highly necessary as it really
helps when your computer's hard drive is
fragmented along with a few numbers of broken
files (which is the main reason for your computer
to slow down). When you're dealing with this
kind of situation, it's recommendable that you
defragment your computer system for at least
twice a month.
Other sure-fire ways to clean your PC quickly is
to upgrade the RAM of your computer and
remove any unnecessary files or programs that
you no longer need. Bear it in mind that some
computer programs will need a large RAM space
just to run, and your computer will probably fail
to function if the memory is reaching its
maximum limit. You'll notice about this when
some applications begin to slowly respond.
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