Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Troubleshoot HP LaserJet 1012 Black Print Smear?

The HP Laserjet 1012 toner smear problem over
printouts is a universal, laser printer user
concern. Many users find it difficult to
troubleshoot this print defect as there are a lot of
components that may have caused the
appearance of HP LaserJet 1012 black print smear
on the printed page. To simplify matters toner
streaks over printouts can be caused by a
defective HP toner cartridge Q2612A; a defective
OPC Drum; a malfunctioning fuser assembly or
dirty rollers that are in need of maintenance.
Featured below are tips on how to identify the
erring laser printer component based on the
subject print defect.
OPC Drum. Toner smears that appear almost
precisely on a particular spot within a page are
mostly associated with a defective OPC Drum.
The user should pull out the OPC Drum, examine
the component closely and look for signs of
damage. Replace the OPC drum if damage is
Wiper Blade. In most cases, HP Laserjet 1012
toner black streaks are caused by a wiper blade
that had lost its gripping potential after printing
thousands of pages; as it holds ground in cadence
with the rotating motion of the OPC Drum.
Remember that the wiper blade clears the OPC
drum of residual toner after every print cycle.
Once the component loses its tolerance against
the surface of the OPC drum, it would no longer
be able to sweep toner effectively and cause
backgrounding later on. In case only a portion of
the wiper blade is defective, vertical toner
streaks will manifest over the entire page. In
both instances, the wiper blade must be replaced.
Fuser Assembly. If printed images or text
appears to be half-baked and easily smears when
touched, the fuser assembly is not producing
enough heat to fuse HP Laserjet 1012 toner to
paper. It is likely that something is wrong with
the thermistor. It could be that the thermistor is
coated with baked toner and must be cleaned or
perhaps burnt out and needs replacement.
Toner Cartridge. If the HP 1012 printer is still
under warranty, then a defective toner cartridge
Q2612A is most likely causing the HP LaserJet
1012 black print smear. The print irregularity
usually manifests at the back of the page, which
suggests a leaking cartridge that must be
replaced immediately.
Note that this print defect is restricted to
defective HP Laserjet 1012 toner cartridges - not
empty or low in toner supply; as the replacement
or refill of an empty toner cartridge Q2612A with
refill toner forHP Laserjet 1012 toner cartridges
will resolve the issue.
Print defects are the tell tale signs of a
malfunctioning laser printer component. When
used as a troubleshooting technique, these can
help reduce
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